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Helix test kit and strips

Helix Test Kit

£85 + VAT

Reusable Helix Testing Kit for autoclave steam sterilisers to check the ability of the autoclave in sterilising hollow objects on a daily basis

Full Helix Testing Kit for use daily to ensure correct steam sterilisation conditions by checking steam penetration through the autoclave steriliser. This is essential as improper sterilisation of medical equipment can lead to bacteria and viruses remaining on instruments that will then be reused on other patients. Using a Helix Testing Kit provides a record of compliance with all relevant legislation in how the autoclave is performing, including HTM 01-05/SDCEP. Tests can be conducted as often as required. We strongly recommend using the Helix Testing Kit at least once per day, if not before each cycle.

  • Kit contains 250 test strips and 1 Helix testing device.
  • More test strips can be purchased separately.

  • Small and compact kit for easy storage
  • Comes complete with 250 test strips; additional strips available to purchase separately.
  • Chemical indicator test strips can be attached to logbook for record of compliance
  • The Helix Device is reusable.
  • Essential test for both steam penetration in the autoclave chamber and the temperature and pressure of the saturated steam during sterilisation
  • Recommended by Standard EN 13060 as a way to check and ascertain that steam cycles for hollow instruments are effective.