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TDS Meter

TDS Meter

£20 + VAT

A water quality testing device to ensure the purity of water being used in autoclave sterilisers for medical equipment

A TDS Meter is a small reusable handheld device that measures the amount of Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) in liquids. They are essential for the ongoing efficient operation of autoclave steam sterilisers as they measure in parts per million (PPM) the amount of minerals, salts, metals and other substances in the water being used. If water has impurities, it can lead to mineral deposits in the autoclave itself, affecting performance and potentially contaminating the items inside. 

Small reusable compact device for easy storage
No need for any additional equipment
Easy to use; dip in water and read digital display
Comes with cap to protect the points inside
Auto shut off feature to preserve battery life
Autoclave service & maintenance contracts available
Autoclave repair services available