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YESON 12 litre POD Autoclave - front view
YESON 12 litre POD Autoclave - side right view
YESON 12 litre POD Autoclave - Close up front
YESON 12 litre POD Autoclave - side view left

POD-12 Litre Autoclave


A 12 litre autoclave, perfect for use within the Chiropody & Podiatry or Tattoo & Piercing industries.

The POD 12L autoclave is a Class B machine, perfect for steam sterilising smaller reusable items used in environments such as podiatrist offices, tattoo parlours and piercing studios. This includes items such as needles, needle trays, tips, scissors etc.

The POD-12L autoclave does not come with a USB port; if this is something you need, please see our 12L autoclave with USB.

All Class B autoclaves in the YESON range come with 1-year parts only warranty as standard.

POD Autoclave capacity: 12 Litres

POD 12 Litre Autoclave Benefits

  • Front loading and fully automatic
  • Suitable for any type of load including porous materials, textiles and hollow items.
  • Digital screen
  • 5 preset programs
  • Option for 1 custom program
  • Cleaning program
  • Same physical external size as the 8L but bigger chamber size
  • Quick cycle makes for fast turnaround of instruments.
  • Service & maintenance contracts available, as well as repair services

Category Class B
Working type Front loading and fully automatic
Design Modern design aesthetic
Program 5 Preset sterilisation programs
B&D / Helix / Vacuum testing programs
Data output Printer Output
Water Quality Water quality checking module
Steam Generating Separated steam generator
Water tank 2 x 2.5L plastic, open, easy to clean



121° Solid

121° Universal 

134° Solid

134° Universal
Temp (°C) 121 121 134 134
Pressure(KPA) 110 110 210 210
Sterlisation Time(Min.) 20 20 4



Program BD/Helix Test Vacuum Test
Temp (°C) 134 /
Pressure(KPA) 210 -80
Time(Min.) 3.5 15


Technical Data:

Capacity POD 12L autoclave
Description Small Autoclave
Class B
Certification CE 1023, ISO 13485
Standard BS EN 13060:2004 + A2:2010
Frequency 50Hz
Plug 3 pin plug
Wattage 1.95 kW
Sterilization temperature 105 - 134°C
Max working pressure 0.21-0.23MPA
Material of chamber Stainless steel 304
Screen type Digital 
Screen size 2.5x2cm 
Language available English, German, Chinese
Lock system of door Mechanical + electrical lockers
User password Yes
Output Thermo printer


Standard package list:
12L Autoclave  1
Power cable 1
Water drain fitting 1
Tray  3
Tray holder  1
Tray handle 1
Instruction manual  1


Package info: 
Net weight 47kgs
Gross weight 54kgs
Chamber 20cm x 36cm
Dimensions 59 cm x 43cm x 36cm
Package size 71cm x 52cm x 42cm