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Bench top Class B autoclaves for medical establishments including doctor’s surgeries, chiropody clinics, dental practices and more; these range from the small POD-8 medical autoclave to the large 22L. Preventing cross contamination between patients is key, which is why investing in a reliable & thorough machine for sterilising medical instruments is key.

Class B Medical autoclave sterilisers ensure optimum hygiene and cleanliness of all equipment and accessories that go through the steam sterilisation process.


HSE Regulations surrounding healthcare cleanliness are stringent; investing in medical autoclave machines helps to ensure these are met and patient safety is paramount at all times.

From wrapped instrument packs to standalone items, textiles and porous materials, as well as smaller items such as nippers and files, medical autoclaves can handle your equipment sterilisation needs.


Our range of medical autoclaves are all fully automatic, front loading and offer a range of preset programs, custom options and cleaning cycles.


The larger machines in our range also have USB ports to digitally transfer and archive data.

Medical autoclaves must be fully working and ready for use at all times. Keeping to manufacturer recommended maintenance schedules is key, as well as checking components and overall condition regularly. We offer maintenance & repair contracts to keep your medical autoclave in top condition; please contact us for more information.


All autoclaves we supply come with a 1-year parts and labour warranty as standard.