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Autoclave Sterilisation


Our range of Class B benchtop vertical pressure steam steriliser autoclaves are available with in a range of capacities, from 8 litres to 22 litres.

These autoclaves are designed for use in medical establishments including dental surgeries, veterinary clinics, tattoo & piercing parlours and for chiropody & podiatry clinics.

All autoclave sterilisers supplied with 1 year Parts and Labour Warranty as standard

High pressure steam sterilisation

Cleaning reusable medical equipment properly is essential for all medical establishments, to eliminate the risk of infection. Steam sterilisation equipment, such as an autoclave machine, works to remove harmful bacteria, spores, fungi, viruses etc from the items placed inside and cleaned under extremely hot steam pressure.

All Class B autoclave sterilisers in our range are designed for use in medical establishments. They work with a separated steam generator, making them quick to heat and use, as well as extremely efficient for a wide range of items. This includes porous items such as gowns, drapes and items wrapped in pouches.



We have 4 Autoclave Sterilisation products available for you